Responsibilities of Water:

Water works in the body as a solvent, transport and cleaning agent. It has to carry the task materials from A to B. But this can only work if water is present in unsaturated form. Water that already contains materials of any kind can only partially assume its transport function, if at all.

Water is responsible for:
  • Regulation of Body Temperature
  • Regulation of Energy Balance
  • Metabolic Function
  • Acid Base Balance
  • Informaton Carrier
  • Nutrient Transportation
  • Supply of Cells and Tissues
  • Detoxification and elimination processes

All of these functions can only be best performed by clean and pure water.

Tap Water

Is it really as safe as we think? More and more often we find from radio, television and newspaper sources that not everything is as it seems. Of course, sources at the water utility companies claim everything is fine! And it's true, if you look at it from the point of view of the Drinking Water Ordinance, the mandatory values are being complied with.

The European Drinking Water Ordinance does not prescribe to the utilities regarding the provision of health-preserving or health-promoting water. The water must simply be free of disease-causing germs, fit for human consumption and must be purely within the prescribed limits in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance!


The answer lies more than 48 years ago. The Federal Communicable Diseases Act of 1961 was introduced on 31.12.2000 as the legal basis for the drinking water regulations. This was merely an implementing regulation of the Federal Communicable Diseases Act.

However, since water is the basis of all life, we think, do I need to look at it from a health point of view? Surely water should be able to perform all the tasks that our bodies needs it to!

Mineral and Spring Water

in 2014, British people drank more than 40 litres of bottled water per person. Is this the right way to drink water? The fact is that tap water is subject to greater controls than mineral and table water. This has already led in 1987 to alarming test results. The title page of the journal Nature showed"! WARNING - mineral water". Some of the tested brands would not come close to meeting the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance. The question is, have controls and limits increased or decreased during the last few decades?

Minerals? Plants are able to absorb, through photosynthesis, the inorganic components of the soil around them and convert them into organically bound minerals. These are bound during this process to the geometric structure of the amniotic fluid. The human cell is not able to absorb inorganic minerals directly, as they must be bound to an organic compound when entering the human body.

With the addition of carbon dioxide, the hydrating (connectivity) destroys the skeleton structure of the water, resulting in the ionized minerals connecting to new molecules and leading to enhanced deposits. Example: lime, a compound of calcium and bicarbonate. Carbon dioxide can also change the pH of water. This chemical behaviour explains why water, which normally has a neutral pH of 7, has an acidic pH of approximately 5.5 when it has been exposed to air. Water works in the body through what it takes FROM it and not by what it brings INTO it.

Mother Nature Prototype

Why do we not just have it as Mother Nature intended!? In nature, rainwater is the basis of all life. Meadows and forests thrive, entire sectors depend on it, including agriculture and forestry. Every gardener would tell you that it would be best to use rainwater for flowers and plants. Rainwater, in its natural form as it was intended, is very clean and pure. Acid rain on the other hand is the result of environmental pollution by carbon dioxide, caused by human activity.

Nature thus shows us in a unique way as to how water should really work. Purified and cleansed of pollutants without minerals. Water is always in motion, it swirls and is not designed to run through long distances in mainly straight concrete pipes. Water is life, and when you can get it in an unsaturated state, you can enjoy it in its purest form.

Thus, the requirement is clear. A product that can simultaneously provide absolutely clean, pH-neutral and energy-rich water. The perfect solution for the household. Water intended for consumption, i.e. a substance for you and your children that again conveys real life! Here's to your good health!