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What do get from being a member of Water Station UK?

Water Station UK provides all club members, during the course of your membership, with your own personalized Water Station web-site (eg, to gain more interest in the activities of the organisation, and to receive local education and support from the club. With this website you can effectively provide information on your prospects and send personalised invitations to the presentations of Water Station UK. You will be presented with full digital access to the Virtual Office and all important downloads on the theme of water.

How can you become a Water Station?

Members who open their own Water Station, to make free pure water available to support the concerns and the vision of the organisation, are listed as such on the club website and all personalised membership sites listed as sponsors of Water Station UK, and will appear on the map of registered Water Stations. You will also have the ability to perform on-site water tests and to publish the corresponding data on the Club’s Water Radar,which in turn contributes to the mapping out of current drinking water quality throughout the UK.

Associate / Full Membership

Associate membership is available for private and public water stations and contains all the necessary functions in the Virtual Office and the personalised website. Full membership is awarded to those leading a branch of Water Station and will be awarded only upon written application to the Board

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