The Living Water Being

In addition to air to breathe and a natural, balanced diet, clean drinking water is probably the most important factor for a healthy, vital and youthful life. By clean drinking water, you can improve your health, prolong life and youth, as well as protect the body from possible, creeping diseases like arteriosclerosis or allergies. A person excretes about 5% of his body fluid each day, so roughly every 20 days we renew our total body fluid. Therefore, we should take in a min daily amount of 2.5 liters of pure water. Our bodies consist of about 70 trillion cells. Arteries, veins, lymph, intercellular tissue - all add up to about 80,000 km of aqueous pathways in our bodies

Until a few years ago we could still rely on the filter function of soil. But times are changing. The soil in so many places cannot bind pollutants any longer. Sooner or later, toxins get into the groundwater - and from there into the drinking water wells. The consequence of this? Really clean water is in short supply.

This however is really needed!