Our primary focus is on providing people with essential facts on the function of water, how that relates to the existing water quality available to people in the UK, whether it be tap, mineral or spring water, and what rules and guidelines apply to water in general..

Sadly, the purpose and true function of water has been largely misrepresented by the water industry in its quest to boost sales and apply multiple marketing techniques to promote various brands.

We want to provide education and raise awareness. We collect and share scientific contributions and opinions. We welcome objective input relating to factual reports, videos, photos, etc., concerning the functions and quality of water.

We provide regular events and workshops where we disseminate information on water and how to improve the quality of your daily drinking water supply. Under "Events" you will find links to our upcoming events, where our experienced speakers will present on everything that is really important about water. You also have the option of having your tap water or preferred mineral water tested free of charge. Have you ever wondered about the actual quality of what you are drinking every day?

Another goal of our company is to open "Waterstations" across the UK to help people to gain access to pure and clean water for free, as part of a drinking water study. No person should be deprived of access to pure and clean water, nor be ripped off or misled regarding the real facts on it. We welcome anyone interested who wishes to join our community to promote optimum water replenishment..

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