Simple test with tea

The left glass of cold tap water (Windsor) has come straight from the tap and the right glass contains pure and clean water (also cold). A bag of black tea was placed in each of the glasses and left to “brew” for 10 minutes.

Here we can see very clearly how turbid the tea from tap water is, and how clear and bright the tea of clean, pure water is. In the left picture it can also be seen that additional elements were released from the tap water.

Tap Water (Windsor)

Clean, pure Water

The dissolved components from the tap water can be very clearly seen from above

No ingredients at all can be seen in pure and clean water.

When the tap water tea was poured out, a significant residue remained on the glass.

When the tea with the clean and pure water had been drunk, no residue remained on the glass.

36 kg lost in 4 Months



In the beginning there was Water ...

Believe me, I am the absolute diet professional. From Atkins to starvation diets, counting calories, syringes and treatment in slimming studios, I have tried everything. The single one diet, which I have never been on nor will ever go to, is "Weight-Watchers". To pay big bucks for a bad conscience is not my thing. I always lose weight and then pack it on again. The yo-yo effect is something many of my overweight friends are familiar with. And one thing you can really believe me on: when overweight people tell you they are happy with their size, they are lying!

But back to business.

After I started in April 2012, to drink pure water, it was initially not at all good to me. The detoxification made my body feel pretty messed up, I also retained water and took on about 9 kilos, so that I was up to 159 kilos in mid-May.

But after about eight weeks I then started to feel much better and began to lose weight steadily.

To date, I have lost a total of 36 kilos, my much too high blood pressure (220/160) has dropped to normal levels (140/90) and I have again more energy. I've never felt this good in losing weight. I now drink about 2 liters of pure water every day every day about 20 mins of sports eat according to my tastes. My ultimate goal is 100 kgs by the end of 2012, and to weigh under 90 kilos by Easter 2013.

I am happy for my name to be shared - Franz Wilhelm